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Best apps for the drivers in 2023


True car enthusiasts realize that using a phone in the car seriously takes attention away from driving. It is common knowledge that there is a fine for using a phone without a headset. On the other hand, a mobile phone in a car can be helpful if useful software is installed on it. Then it will not only not divert attention from the road, but it will also enhance the driver’s safety, acknowledgment of the traffic situation, and overall awareness.

Best Apps

In case you are driving a rental vehicle, especially one of the LuxuCars, you may be sure that some of such apps are already installed. However, while choosing a vehicle for hire from one of the rental companies, you can ask rental specialists about this. If you are driving a private one, take care in advance of this, particularly on a long journey in another country. 

Here are the 7 most useful apps for drivers in 2023

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps. It provides routes and traffic alerts, and can also display information about the location of nearby gas stations and service stations.

In addition to the conventional search for particular geographic objects, the app allows:

  • work with maps to determine the most efficient routes;
  • view the current traffic issues;
  • view the location and illustrations of multiple objects and much more.


Waze is another popular navigation app that provides up-to-date information about traffic jams, accidents, and other road events. It can also help you find the best route to avoid traffic jams. Another distinction is that Waze gives data based on both its system and drivers’ notifications. Registered individuals may interact with one another and share information about various traffic situations. As a result, any route is rapidly updated with new data.


GasBuddy is a gas station finder app that helps drivers find the cheapest fuel price in their area. It can also provide information about service stations and other services such as car washes and convenience stores. You can sort by price, placement, and essentials like restrooms.


Roadtrippers is a web app, mobile app, and content provider that assists travelers in planning car trips and creating routes. Users can use the software to locate independent interesting places in the United States and Canada, such as attractions, parks, and museums.


Dash is an app that can help you save fuel and improve your ride. It tracks your speed, fuel consumption, and other indicators and gives recommendations for optimizing your ride. There are programs that, in addition to traffic, help to monitor the condition of the car itself. You only need an OBD-II wireless adapter. This is a low-cost device that connects to the machine’s diagnostic port.

Dash-Drive Smart is one of the best utility programs for scanning the condition of the car. With its assistance, you can see:

  • real-time fuel consumption;
  • warning sensor readings;
  • vehicle speed;
    a wealth of diagnostic data.


This mobile app is extremely useful for those who frequently drive outside of the city. Yes, it is a complicated situation when your car breaks down in a foreign country. This app is available for both iPhone and Android and can help you call an emergency service or a tow truck to tow you to the closest repair shop or provide a DIY troubleshooting guide.


Automatic is an application that can help you track the condition of your car and also provides notifications about low fuel levels, speed violations, and other problems. Automatic enables you to save fuel by simply instilling good driving habits in yourself. Somewhere along the way, you begin too abruptly, change speed intermittently, and brake sharply. All of these transients raise the cost, which can be avoided. The savings provided by the creators of Automatic are impressive, and it is well worth purchasing it if you can!

Perhaps, nowadays it is difficult to imagine life without a car. So why not make this process much easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable? We hope that you will appreciate the list of useful applications and install them.